Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Treasure House of Snow!!

AHHHHHHH!! More snow!! What am I to think?? Hey AL , Washinton wouldn't be a little white,would it?

The Florida Keys

Americans have voluntarily cut back on driving cars and wasting gasoline.Now there is more FAMILY TIME at home.

Dealing With Global Warming

In light of the tropical turn the earth is coursing upon,Americans have rallied together with ingenious ideas of how to stop the wasteful use of electricity and other sources of energy. This family has allowed the natural use of SNOW to insulate their windows and thus avoid wasteful use of gasoline in snowblowers.

How 'bout this beaut of an idea? Toss out the old refrigerator and use ORGANIC REFRIGERATION !

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Wallah! They are growing nicely and feathered out.Two appear to be roosters and one a future hen. I call them my toy chickens.Little nick-knacks.Small enough to put up on a shelf.

Bandy Hen

This little gal couldn't wait until spring.She laid her tiny eggs in the horse bucket in one of the barn stalls.I paid it no mind since it was so cold .I couldn't imagine that they would actually hatch out.Well, once she accumulted the number that satisfied her,she took up residence & brooded upon them in December. Lo !! Six actually did hatch! Three died of various causes .She has three left.I wisked them out of the barn & brought them into the cellar and placed them in the turkey cage & hung a brooder light over them. They are quite beautiful now.I think because I give them a slice of pizza every day. (:>