Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here is my 5 gallon sauerkraut crock.It sits quietly fermenting in my kitchen I am ready for any ocean voyage of long duration, for my keg of sauerkraut will prevent scurvy and keep my Vit C levels top notch .Captain Cook knew this secret and keep barrels of kraut in the ship's hold.I also read where it is a cancer fighter because it contains substances of many letters that will fight for you.(Google that one too).

I picked up a couple of Bubba cabbages because the cabbages in my garden are still small and full of dark green leaves.Those I'll use for pigs-in-the-blanket

My Kitchen Aide slicer /shredder turns cabbage leaves into kraut in no time.
 I have the actual recipe on a prior blog 2 years ago. (Check out Sept or Oct)
  Pound down to pack tightly the salted cabbage which ferments the kraut.

I found this recipe when I 'Googled' for sauerkraut recipes   It looks so delicious! It is what to do with the finished product. I shall have to try that with last years' sauerkraut (some jars still left in the cellar).This keg o' kraut will be ready in 2-3 weeks.I  place a plastic bag filled with water on top of the packed kraut. This method fills in all the air spaces better than any other I have used in the past.No yucky scum/mold formation on the top layers that would need to be skimmed off.A large plate as a covering lid (see first picture up top) is the finishing touch .
Almost done with canning, freezing and food preparation for the coming year.I still have to dig up 4 more rows of potatoes,pick the newly grown broccoli,and Friday I picked up a 50 lb bag of carrots from my favorite Farmer's market down the road.Alas, butchering is next on the agenda. (:>