Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Spinach is finishing off in the green house and I'll start snipping mature leaves tomorrow.

I planted garlic today. Garlic is planted in the fall for a spring crop. Spinach is finishing up in the green house Then I started working on the sauerkraut..

Chopping up the cabbage was taking too long with the meat cleaver, so I switched to the machete'. 
Over the left shoulder...WHACK,,,WHACK !!    Over the RIGHT ~~~~ POW!!!!!  WHOOOSSSSHHHHHH !!! 

Should be finished in about 5 weeks. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yesterday I turned 64. I think about what my life will be like 10 and 20 years from now.I would be so sad away from the activity of my farm.I often think , these days, of elderly people trapped in nursing homes with nothing to do. Nothing worth watching to interest their day. What a great idea it would be to locate a nursing home next to a farm, active with cows, horses, goats, sheep, chickens and ducks and turkeys gobbling in the morning!!Being able to see from their bedroom window a boy with a plow or seeding a row.

~A farmer bringing produce for the nursing home family to enjoy! Or visiting with a baby lamb for them to touch.A big pond to fish for bass or cat fish. Blue gills or sunnies. How nice that would be.(:>

Can you believe this? It's November and my greenhouse plants are green and beautiful! This is spinach and strawberries.

This is my yellow climbing rose plant I rescued from a poor growing site.I sprinkled  dill seed around it. If you allow dill weed to dry, save it and sprinkle it on your buttered bread for grilled cheese or grilled tuna fish. So EXCELLANT!!

In November I pick my brussle sprouts , save the sprouts and store the leaves and stalks in the barn for the horses, sheep and goats.

Never pick your brussel sprouts before the end of October or mid November. They will not be ready.During the summer the plants will grow sluggishly. That's because they are a cool weather crop.Leave them alone. The first crock of sauerkraut sits atop that table.I have 30 cabbages to do. Today will be sauerkraut day.
This is my animal family gathered around the dining room trough. It is filled with hay and brussel sprout leaves. They go bizerk over brussel sprouts. They love the leaves the best.That is not a green sheep. That is a sheep who will not move when you are throwing hay down the trap door.

I dug up the last of my potatoes. Gus saw the camera and raced over to pose. He does this all the time. Was he a show dog before I got him from the rescue??