Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yummy Challah Bread

I have added a new tradition for family get togethers ~ on Christmas and Easter I make a huge loaf of Challah bread .It's a 6 braided recipe that you can find on the internet or just ask me and I will share the recipe with you.The next morning, slice the bread and make french toast or egg-in-a-hole.It's the best !

Thursday, April 25, 2013

and SO much more to do!!

This past year's wood is dwindling down.We've been gathering and stacking next year's wood pile that we buy from our neighbor's farm.We also have gotten Bee-yoo-tee-ful hay from her .

And then.... the NEVER ENDING loads of manure to be shoveled and spread.We need a front end loader instead of a shovel.Maybe someday.(:>

April on the farm

The dormancy of winter and sitting by the fire is finally OVER!! Spring is here and I am drowning in the sea  of things that need to be done. The sheep are sheared. The baby lamb couldn't resist !! Her mom was trapped and couldn't run away!! She's weaning Lucy and Skippy.

Heating buckets that keep the chicken's water from freezing have the plugs pulled out and get stored until next winter. The chicken waterers are gathered up and dried green algae gets bleached away on the inside and a good soapy scrubbing on the outside.

Patriot comes out of winter storage into the warmth of sunshine. Time to work buddy-of-mine!!But first I had to clean the heck out of his harnessing and bridle. Barn dust and mold had caked on the leather and it took some elbow grease and scrubbing , in the small places with a toothbrush, with saddle soap.
My neighbor had a good laugh at our confusion .His harnessing was initially placed upside down.Draft horse harnessing is different from smaller horses.

MR  COOL  in his horse sunglasses ! (:>