Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Apple Cider Time

November apples after the frost are sweet and perfect for cider making. It makes for a great family get together when the back porch is filled with bins of apples after several car load deliveries from the trees on our properties.

We wash the apples 

Crush the apples

after they have been quartered  by "Ye Old Apple Cutters Guild". 

After a slice of fingertip  was treated (Mommy kiss and make better)

We fill up buckets and pass the crushed apples to "Ye Olde Apple Crusher Guild".

Master Apple Crusher, Danny 

Citric acid gets sprinkled into the buckets . It prevents excessive browning of the apples.

These are jars of the same cider with citric acid

This is a batch without citric acid. Darker brown but the same absolutely delicious taste.

Jamie still washing. I said ....   "I'm leaving to get another carload of apples ".