Monday, November 17, 2014

The END of the harvest. FINALLY!!

November spells the end of the harvest.I never dig up potatoes or tear down brussels sprouts until AFTER the first frost. Why?  Because , I don't need to for potatoes(WHY should I exert myself unnecessarily )and brussels 
 sprouts will be bitter unless you wait until the frost hits them.My boy, Gus, loves to pose for pictures. He's a riot!~also loves to be with me when I do just about anything!  Digging potatoes was just fine with him.Turkeys and chickens came by too, just to see if I would dig up anything interesting, like a worm or a spider.Turkeys DEVOUR spiders!!!  ( therefore they are my best friends, one notch above a doggie)

This year I planted purple sprouts....but the sheep got into the garden and decimated all but one plant. SO, that's my special plant for myself. I have no idea if they taste any different from the standard green sprouts.I guess I'll find out.It was a cold, rainy day today in the 30's F.  I have been messing with the wood stove fire all day after emptying the ashes to make the fire burn better. Our delivery this year was unseasoned wood, fairly freshly cut. It took some doing to get that fire to catch.