Sunday, November 29, 2009

Much to be Thankful For !

The HOLINESS of God.
The MERCY of God.

1.A terrific preacher, my Pastor Ray Purdy.(Living Word Baptist Church just east of Red Rock by Rickett's Glen).What a tremendous sermon he gave today on the first chapter of Job.We are very, very blessed to have him and his wife and other hard working members of his family .
2.The wonderful harvest God gave us throughout the spring, summer & fall.Our farm !
3. The meat He has given us~ beef (from steers down the street), turkey,chicken & pork.
4.My new grandaughter,Charity, who married my grandson Jesse. I also love her family, now MY family ! (:>
5.My husband, Ed.What a great guy!What would I do without him? He treats me like a queen.
6.All of my children and grandchildren.I love having them around me.
7.My wonderful friends!They are KEEPERS forever!
8.My job~ I really love my job and the people I work with. Both my coworkers and management are a terrific bunch .
9.COUNTRY!! Mountains and creeks and DEER DAYS!!! Starting tomorrow!! Draggin' my butt out to the deerstand in the dark~ freezing my tail off,reading a book to kill the long hours sitting there before Bambi's father cruises by (:>
10.The warmth of the sun,the excellance of the stars at night,the lovliness of the birds,the purring contentedness of a cat asleep on my lap,the happiness of dogs,the MASSIVE varieties in the creation that God has made! THE GOOD EARTH. The endless variety of foods and tastes.

AND NOW!!! How can you tell if underground nuclear testing is being done in your neighborhood??? Raise turkeys and compare them with the storebrand.On the right is a 16 lb turkey from supermarket.On the left is the turkey who's weight is OFF THE CHARTS!! I think he was eating radioactive worms (:>

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Havin' Trouble!

DANG!!! I can't do this!! Patty, my lamb, was born March 17th-St Patty's Day. Before he's a year old I'll have to butcher him (before he turns to mutton or a cinder-block headed ram! ) well,as much as I LOVE leg-of-lamb, I still can't .......having a farm is VERY EXPENSIVE if you hang onto animals/poultry that are non-productive.I love my turkeys..... my chicken mamas,my lambs........but the FEED is ASTRONOMICAL!! At Thanksgiving, Weiss Supermarkets sell turkeys for $0.49/lb !! hahaha! That is a store promotion gimmick sold at a GREAT loss! Don't think for a minute you could raise a turkey or a chicken for that price....EVER!!It becomes easy to drive the piggers to the butcher at the time appointed because they are pretty brutal by that point~ shoving,biting and smashing into my knee joints.But my 10 month old lambs and 6 month old turkeys~~~ welllll,they please me and are my sweethearts.~~~~~ NUTS!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Making sauerkraut: Begin with a 5 gallon glass jug or clean plastic bucket or pickle keg crock without any cracks( this must 'ding' with a clear ring when you strike the edge.Otherwise, cracks will leak toxins into the kraut as it ferments and becomes more acidic.Buy a new one instead of trusting older ones from the flea market or antique store).
2-3 large cabbages and plain Kosher salt(non iodized) is all you will need.(Iodized salt will discolor the sauerkraut).

DO NOT use the darker green leaves.(Ruins the taste)Use only the white portion of the cabbage. Make pigs in the blanket or something else with the green leaves.

1.Fill a very clean sink with cold water.Cut up cabbages with a meat cleaver.Toss chopped leaves into the water to cleanse leaves and moisten them.
2.Place leaves in a food chopper vegetable grinder.This will give you perfectly shredded kraut.
3.I place 2 of these chopper bowls of packed shredded kraut per layer in the keg or bucket.
4. Sprinkle 1/4 c. Kosher salt(or less) across & over the top and then mix it in a little. Pack it down firmly with a wooden mallet.
5. Repeat this process layer by layer until all cabbage is in there.
6. Take a kitchen size plastic garbage bag with a few gallons of water and stick it in the crock so that the bag of water spreads over the top layer .Press around so that all air pockets are removed .
Store in basement or in a not too warm room for 5 weeks.Do not open to check it or you will allow air in.After that, remove any scum off top layer. Can or freeze kraut.

If you want to make smaller amounts, use a 1 gallon glass jar and use same instructions.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What the heck??

More thsn 13,000 GAY troops have been tossed to the curb in the military.Dismissed. Tank'd.Our government allows,tolerates,promotes Muslim extremists.I am wondering what radio station,what radio wave, our national leadership is functioning on???