Friday, February 8, 2013

Wooley Bugger Winter Storm

     On October 7, 2012 I read this weather  forecast warning, sent by the Woolly Worms, predicting  "On Feb 12,we will see a massive snowstorm that will last three days.......Then we will see another huge snowstorm on March 20 that will last three more days and give us enough snow that we will be able to ski down Market Street". Well! I folded that section of the local newspaper and stuffed it into a pouch in my lunchbox for future reference and  patiently await the storm.For sure, the orange & black woolly bugger caterpillars were trying to make their way into my barn at that time, especially the tack room where the grain is stored. However, I know not how to communicate with them.
Woolly worms have gained great respect up here , to the extent that annually Hufnagle Park sponsors Woolly Worm Festival for the past 16 years.Apparently last year the caterpillars "were dead wrong". BUT...festival chairman Ken Kulish said ,"They have been right fifteen other times". Dozens of the local caterpillars are captured and are measured for length, hair and thickness.The date was a few days off the mark but these little weathermen  deserve a tip of my hat this year (:> The snowfall began late this afternoon and accumulation is sticking fast .As fly fishing season returns this spring and I'm tying  my flies , woolly buggers will be spun on the tying vice with a knowing grin.