Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Lambs

Well, our 2 baby female lambs are sold off to a wonderful family who will not eat them. (:> I'm happy about THAT!! I have tried now, for the past several years, to turn one into leg O' lamb but have failed miserably. You see, sheep & lambs have a perpetual half grin on their faces.They love to have their chins scratched and they are just ,down right,like pet dogs.Therefore, my sheep will be lawn mowers,their sheared wool will become blanket yarn and bedspreads or just plain garden mulch (GREAT STUFF to retain moisture in crappy ground!)
I was expecting the buyers to arrive Friday in an RV. It turned out to be a quite a large RV,a company borrowed apartment building on wheels.It tottered from side to side as it negotiated it's way into my down hill driveway then came to a stop next to the barn. A multitude of childhood smiling faces peared out of the windows to checkout their new destination. I thought it must be a school.Except, all their faces matched and some were identical. An expectant mom & the daddy driver hopped out and introduced themselves."WOW!!" ,I said,"How many kids you got in there?". ..."Ten". HAH!! This was up my alley.I loved it!! (:> I said,"Yep, my Grandma had 13 kids.(My mom was the baby) Do you homeschool?"..."Yes' was the answer. I wanted to hug them.They blessed my day.Then I thought she said 3 more were at home, watching over things.So, after tagging their ears they evicted their German Shepherd from his kennel cage, shoved the 2 lambs in and all continued their journey back to North central PA. ,about another 2 hours drive.Everybody was smiling.Everybody was happy! God bless big families (:>