Thursday, October 18, 2012

I have been hatching out Black Australorpe chicken eggs for a friend who wants good quality brown egg laying chickens.The past 2 days I had a few eggs that were unfertilized, cracked & seeped and had an odor from the bottomless pit (:<........I tried to gently lift these eggs off the egg turner, then gently rock them back & forth.....frustration overtook good sense and..............POW !!!!     BOOM !!!!    MY WHOLE CELLAR & PART OF MY KITCHEN REEKS OF A SMELL THAT RIVALS THE TRENCHES DURING A WW1 MUSTARD GAS ATTACK!!   I should leave well enough alone. I arrive home late from work but check on all the farm animals to make sure all is well & bedded down safe & sound. Last of all I check on the incubators. They had a surprise for me (:>

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Turkeys and chickens

It looks like a wedding processional of turkeys in their pretty white feathers. Actually, they are curiously following me to their coop and yard . I had hopes of moving the meat chickens from the barn to the big general population chicken/turkey yard where they could freely forage .They would also have access to the garden leftovers .

I removed several chickens , showed them where the grain and water is and their roosting house.Turkeys milled about and made little curious sounds.
Well,that idea went over well! Gobblers fanned out their feathers and began strutting and grabbing onto the chickens necks .Bullies!!  Back to the yellow chicken box they went and transferred to the other side of the farm.

Turkeys HATE to share their grain (:<