Saturday, April 24, 2010

The sheep shearer came yesterday.I nearly forgot what color these guys are! My hands got a lanonin treatment while holding them.I understand a small tin of lanolin costs quite dear.

While Sweetpea was being sheared, her lambs (Moonbeam and Starlight) carried on terribly while being seperated in their stall from their mama.After she returned, they continued to BAAAAAAAA! and BAAAAAAA!!!!! They no longer recognized her and wondered where their mama went!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh,the Good Earth!

Oh,the good earth! It's produce keeps my belly full and provides warmth to my bones.This is my neighbor's farm and your looking at my wood for our woodstove for next year.It will be split by this AM and I'll be stacking before I go in to work.No~I don't have any trouble at all getting to sleep at night.
My farm actually was part of my neighbor's farm a long time ago.It's been in their family 195 years!! Wow! Nice not to have a mortgage. (:>

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

potato planting

Well, today was a good day to continue planting. Too doggone cold at night up here to transplant 'started' plants, despite the warm daytime temps.Just deal with seeds in April.Today I planted 3 big rows of red pontiac potatoes growing'eyes'in a wooden bushel basket down in my basement.I still have another bushel basket of potatoes with foot long eyes if anyone wants to give it a go.Potatoes are gloriously exciting to plant and dig up.As my grandchildren have said, "It's like digging for GOLD, Nana!!" Especially when you dig one up the size of your shoe!! ALWAYS a trophy to be shown off to the neighbors!! Toot the horn of your pickup truck while you hold them up high above your head ,driving down the road !! MAKE those Clampetts jealous!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What to get the man who has everything

My husband always gets me nice gifts~shotguns for Mothers Day,Muzzleloaders for Christmas,roto-tiller for the Anniversary,machetes,etc. He's the tough one to buy for.......until today!!

My cousin Mark saved my sanity.He sent me this new Texan style BBQ grill picture.I no longer have to fret and wring my hands ,Father's Day is now taken care of. (:>

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hooray for hot sunny spring days!! The sheep run out of the barn like they were shot out of a rocket.It never ceases to amaze me how high a lamb can leap from a stationary position!

Every day the grass turns greener and more lush with growth.

Happiness is stretching out under the warm sunny and napping with the buddies ! (:>

The Springhouse

I wondered what purpose the springhouse would serve when we moved up to our farm 5 yrs ago.It sits nestled under a very old & huge pine tree and a big lilac bush hugs it's south side.I planted 3 grapevines for Concord grape juice and jelly.Now the vine hangs like a sorry looking man dangling from a clothesline.

I was very excited to discover an asparagus bed there popping thru the soil every April at the time forsythias and daffodils bloom.Yesterday I picked a handful and cooked up some cream of asparagus soup.I made turkey broth from easter turkey gobbler(a 28 pounder!!)and combined with asparagus it was magnificent (:>

Our springhouse is also home to huge bumblebees (or carpenter bees).They always hover over me as I trying to snip at the bases of asparagus .I can't gather them fast enough.I've been told they don't sting, but Murphy's Law has taught me that I will be the exception.Springhouses are the farm monuments of laid back warm sunny days,when you just want to hangout with a good book on the benchswing in the shade of the pine tree & lilac bush.It's also the place where kids play "Fort" or make a clubhouse.My turkey hen made her nesting place in secret there for a full month before she was discovered.We thought she ran off with the wild turkeys.You know how some women are attracted to wild men!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mucking Boots

I'm out of breath.It's hot out there today and I thought I'd plant 3 blueberry bushes & 2 white grapevines I received in the mail. They're starting to bloom and I don't want them to dry out.The ground is finally drying out. A few days ago it was saturated & like melted chocolate.I need new mucking boots. I have several pairs but they all have thru-n-thru slits in them.I crossed the stream yesterday and my feet were soaked.
Time to get the garden plowed.I have a neighbor who is very nice and uses his big tractor to plow it up for me.After that we roto-till. But my tiller is in the repair shop .Have to get ready for work.The shower will feel great!