Friday, April 9, 2010

The Springhouse

I wondered what purpose the springhouse would serve when we moved up to our farm 5 yrs ago.It sits nestled under a very old & huge pine tree and a big lilac bush hugs it's south side.I planted 3 grapevines for Concord grape juice and jelly.Now the vine hangs like a sorry looking man dangling from a clothesline.

I was very excited to discover an asparagus bed there popping thru the soil every April at the time forsythias and daffodils bloom.Yesterday I picked a handful and cooked up some cream of asparagus soup.I made turkey broth from easter turkey gobbler(a 28 pounder!!)and combined with asparagus it was magnificent (:>

Our springhouse is also home to huge bumblebees (or carpenter bees).They always hover over me as I trying to snip at the bases of asparagus .I can't gather them fast enough.I've been told they don't sting, but Murphy's Law has taught me that I will be the exception.Springhouses are the farm monuments of laid back warm sunny days,when you just want to hangout with a good book on the benchswing in the shade of the pine tree & lilac bush.It's also the place where kids play "Fort" or make a clubhouse.My turkey hen made her nesting place in secret there for a full month before she was discovered.We thought she ran off with the wild turkeys.You know how some women are attracted to wild men!

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