Tuesday, April 20, 2010

potato planting

Well, today was a good day to continue planting. Too doggone cold at night up here to transplant 'started' plants, despite the warm daytime temps.Just deal with seeds in April.Today I planted 3 big rows of red pontiac potatoes growing'eyes'in a wooden bushel basket down in my basement.I still have another bushel basket of potatoes with foot long eyes if anyone wants to give it a go.Potatoes are gloriously exciting to plant and dig up.As my grandchildren have said, "It's like digging for GOLD, Nana!!" Especially when you dig one up the size of your shoe!! ALWAYS a trophy to be shown off to the neighbors!! Toot the horn of your pickup truck while you hold them up high above your head ,driving down the road !! MAKE those Clampetts jealous!!


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