Sunday, January 17, 2010

A couple of carrots came by my way.I had to stick'im in a jar. (:>

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Seed catalogues

Spring is just around the corner~ that is what the seed catalogues would have me believe.My mailbox is becoming inundated with colorful catalogues from Burpee, Burgess,Gurney's,etc, promising $25.00 off orders if I order QUICK !!! before other seed companies tackle me to the ground and hit me over the head with their colorful advertisements."FREE GIFTS!! ACT NOW!!! HALF PRICE!!HURRY BEFORE EVERYTHING'S GONE!!!" ONLY ONE SEED LEFT~~ YOU CAN HAVE IT IF YOU ACT IMMEDIATELY!!!" My heart is pounding and I know I should race to the phone and call the 800 number but first I mull over each pretty page.Should I buy the blueberry bush that promises berries the size of basketballs? What about the novelty plants "Yard long green beans"~put THAT on your dinner plate!Blue potatoes??(Nope~ grew them once and turned grey blue when cooked.Those mashed potatoes were not a hit :(
I have learned that many plants are easier when bought already started .I get flats of them from the Amish vegetable stand at a great price.Strong little root system and the plants have a great head start over weeds that try to overtake & overwhelm seedlings.What a nightmare trying to find tiny spinach in that tangled mess of green counterfeiters !
Some things just aren't worth the effort to grow.Carrots,for instance.Today I'm going to my nearby little market (the size of a 2 car garage) where I can buy almost anything I want.I am buying a little under 50 lbs of carrots for $7.00.can you believe it?? Do you know how many hours of back breaking work are put into 40-50 lbs of a carrot harvest ? HAH!! Not ME !! So, today I shall spend canning carrots that shall last me the next year or 2 (or 3) (:>

Friday, January 8, 2010


GOOD oL' LIONELS! I love trains and have all kinds .Lionel isn't the only heartbeat out there when it comes to O-Guage model trains. In fact, MTH/Railking is top shelf when it comes to diecast cars and engines. K-Line was a terrific company.Then it copied some sound system Lionel had,Lionel sued & knocked K'Line outta business.BOO HISS!! I hate you, Lionel!! K-Line had FANTASTIC trains!! Way better than Lionel is putting out! Lionel likes plastic junky cars too much & too many in the stores' stock. K-Line had awesome diecast cars~ passenger,hoppers,etc.
I shall miss K-Line. Lionel bought them out after the lawsuit.That company will never be the same.
I have some Ive's tinplate passenger cars. They are over 100 years old.They went out of business during the Depression. Then Lionel bought them out and it became Ive's/Lionel. Then~~~~ BYE BYE IVE's.Never heard anything more about that company. I guess K-Line will end up the same (:( I feel so bad! BOO HISSSS !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


WHO remembers this cat? Let me give you a clue ( if you're over 50, you should remember) "I gotta gang, you gotta gang,everybody's gotta have a gang; But there's only one real gang for me~~ GOOD OL' _______'s Gang! " (What's the missing word?) Here's another hint: "Hey kids, we're pals and pals stick together.Now, don't forget church and Sunday School!"the closing statements of his show every week. You have to remember Andy's Gang with Froggie the Gremlin, Midnight the cat and Squeaky the mouse,and Storytime with Gunga of the jungle in India with his friend Ramah. Well, I wanted that cat Midnight and I finally got her! Here she is in her Santy Claus suit. She's NOT happy, but she poses well for pictures. Might as well make the best of it!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Scenes from Christmas~Family

Spent the Sat. after Christmas at Annie & Rich's beautiful house .Decorations were awesome (what a wreathe!!)and food was terrific! Had a wonderfu; time!
Grandma Sheridan and her bouncing baby boys! (:>

Beautiful Tina, Bailey & Brandon.
HEY!! Where's Lois ,Eddie and my pictures? You guys with the other cameras,send me some.My camera didn't get everybody :(

Scenes from Christmas~cookies & the kid

Tradition is a big thing to a child.Once established it leaves an imprint hard to be erased.Making cookie cutter cookies with my mom was one tradition I loved .I guess because it was something we did together.Something that had special significance.It has an appeal to little children.The flour mess ,licking bowls and egg beaters, rolling dough out with the rolling pin,and the multitude of cookie cutters! All so fun! I always thought Santa Claus was peeking thru the corner of a frosted window pane.These were the nights my mom read us Christmas stories,rich with colorful pictures of elves in the huge toyshop stuffing sqeeks in toy animals & dolls,painting choo choo trains and painting lips on beautiful dolls.It is the number one FAMILY time day of the year.Does Christ get shoved aside?? That depends on YOU.Don't allow that to happen.Make Christ the CENTER of Christmas and your child will also.The songs you sing, the family devotions,going to church Christmas Eve~~ (:>