Friday, January 1, 2010

Scenes from Christmas~cookies & the kid

Tradition is a big thing to a child.Once established it leaves an imprint hard to be erased.Making cookie cutter cookies with my mom was one tradition I loved .I guess because it was something we did together.Something that had special significance.It has an appeal to little children.The flour mess ,licking bowls and egg beaters, rolling dough out with the rolling pin,and the multitude of cookie cutters! All so fun! I always thought Santa Claus was peeking thru the corner of a frosted window pane.These were the nights my mom read us Christmas stories,rich with colorful pictures of elves in the huge toyshop stuffing sqeeks in toy animals & dolls,painting choo choo trains and painting lips on beautiful dolls.It is the number one FAMILY time day of the year.Does Christ get shoved aside?? That depends on YOU.Don't allow that to happen.Make Christ the CENTER of Christmas and your child will also.The songs you sing, the family devotions,going to church Christmas Eve~~ (:>

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