Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Havin' Trouble!

DANG!!! I can't do this!! Patty, my lamb, was born March 17th-St Patty's Day. Before he's a year old I'll have to butcher him (before he turns to mutton or a cinder-block headed ram! ) well,as much as I LOVE leg-of-lamb .....no, I still can't .......having a farm is VERY EXPENSIVE if you hang onto animals/poultry that are non-productive.I love my turkeys..... my chicken mamas,my lambs........but the FEED is ASTRONOMICAL!! At Thanksgiving, Weiss Supermarkets sell turkeys for $0.49/lb !! hahaha! That is a store promotion gimmick sold at a GREAT loss! Don't think for a minute you could raise a turkey or a chicken for that price....EVER!!It becomes easy to drive the piggers to the butcher at the time appointed because they are pretty brutal by that point~ shoving,biting and smashing into my knee joints.But my 10 month old lambs and 6 month old turkeys~~~ welllll,they please me and are my sweethearts.~~~~~ NUTS!!!!

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  1. I have had a time with that too! Right now we have 7 pigs out there......they are so cute and have such personality BUT 2 on them have a date on Monday. A date with the butcher. =( I won't feel so bad when I have all that sausage in the freezer! ;)