Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winding up the HArvest

Harvest time is all encompassing.The vegetables get canned or frozen or made into tomato sauce.There's also the hay harvest that occurs 3(hopefully) times over summer & early fall and if you're especially lucky a 4th cutting.Don't forget the wood harvest for wood burning stoves.It's a beautiful thing to see hay stacked up to the peaks in the barn and wood stacked under the over hang in the back of the barn.We'll be warm this year & our animals well fed. Thank YOU, thank YOU LORD!
October & November are also butchering months.We don't like to think of that, but the reality is that WE LIKE TO EAT !! (sorry (:< ) So,October I had butchered
the last batch of meat chickens and this past week(November) turkeys and a pigger.I didn't raise the pig, this time, but a fellow in a neighboring county did.Today I picked up the meat,all labeled & beautifully packaged.I also picked up 32 lbs of loose sausage that I packaged up myself into 2 lb bags. WHY?? Well, I have many sausage mix recipes that I like for sweet Italian, Hot Italian links,Country patties & breakfast links,plus just plain sausage for 'whatever'.. So, that's my reasoning.
I am at the tail end of the harvest ingathering and every day that I'm off work is all encompassed with it.I'm sure the Pilgrims CLAWED ,with exhaustion,their way to the Thanksgiving picnic table
This past night, my son was in a play ("THE GOOD BODY") at his University.So, after I picked up the pork chops,hams & sausage and finished rationing out lard (YES!!! LARD!!!) into 1/2 cup portions to freeze for future pie crust, I hopped in my car & raced to the school and looked for "Corinthians pillars"~~ All I saw was the Library Pillars and raced in for directions to the theater and the restroom(first priority). These kids amaze me with their mental capacity to retain huge scripts for their lines plus prepare research papers for their majors and study for upcoming tests.My nickname is 'Dementia'.I can't even remember my badge for work that's hanging and swaying in front of me from my rear view mirror before I hop the parking lot bus that takes me to the hospital entrance.
Yes, it's a long night for me. But~~ my son is more important.This play was important to him and also to his friends who worked VERY hard, long hours to put on this production.Not all things that were said I agreed with.Some issues I take a hard right challenge with .But I went to listen.I certainly agree with a good deal that was said and had a really good laugh numerous times throughout the play.I enjoyed myself and they gave me ICE CREAM!!! YESSS!!!! (:>