Thursday, June 23, 2011


What I need is a 150 room farm house mansion to support all my indoor hobbies.I have enough space for the outdoor activities but I love trains, O Guage die cast trains.Lionel,K-Line, RailKing ,etc.WONDERFUL, BEE-YOU-TEE-FULLLL Trains!!I despise dismantling Christmas decorations because it means putting the trains away.I received my first train set when I was 5 weeks old. The perfect age of appreciation for what my father probably spent his entire paycheck on.My Uncle Bob also loved trains and I was the very blessed niece to inherit his collection of his trains that he received as a kid in 1929 & the 30's.The above Lionel steam engine was his and still runs beautifully.It has copper trim .I believe this was his first train set in 1929.It pulled a set of tin plate freight trains & a set of red passenger tinplate cars.
I have added quite a bit to this accumulation that partially fills my attic.I began gathering Ives.Ives was a company from long ago. The cars you see here are 100 years old. They are tinplate.Ives went out of business during the Great Depression 0f 1929 thru the 1930's.It was bought out by Lionel and was renamed Lionel-Ives for a time, but soon disappeared from advertisement & memory.

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