Friday, June 12, 2009

Aggravated !

I just spent almost 4 hours working on the next section ,VIRGO. It was good! Then I mis-clicked and AOL shut down & I lost the whole thing! Therefore, I must take 'time-out' , lest I break every window in the house and go on a rampage screaming with manic laughter!This picture is a female grizzly who is my soul mate.We share the same emotions.( SIGH)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am calm now and in control of my senses.The past 2 weeks have not been good. I trashed my right knee for the 2nd time in 9 mos. I am out of work. I don't know for how long.This morning I will have an MRI (again!) that will diagnose the root of the problem. A tear? (That means a longer recuperation) vs. a nasty sprain~ for which I really hope).
My fellow farming & gardening friends will recognize the frustration of being 'out of commision' at this time of year. I have chicken & turkey peeps hatching in the incubator,meat baby chickens in one chicken coop that need to graze, a young 3 yr old filly that needs handling and training,besides all the other chickens ,turkeys & horses & sheep & dogs & cats etc, etc that need attention.My garden is 185 ft x 185 ft. It also needs my attention.Fortunately, my daughter & son-in-law share this garden and have been a wonderful help. We grow our own food for the whole year.We cannot neglect and mess up.I also have turkey peeps coming the end of this month. Each peep costs $9.00 !!! Well, hopefully, the BEST of the BEST mama turkey will be ready for her next little brood.
I am drowning in eggs.I need to sell them.So, I make quiche and egg custards & omelots.Eggs everyday for breakfast.
I try to clean my house, but the back of my knee gives out & collapses if I stand on my leg too long.
But~~ I am blessed, REALLY blessed with my husband who helps me keep things running as smooth as possible. And makes me breakfast, lunch & supper fit for a queen! Feeds the entire farm people population with all their quirks and differences in grains,waters, and then collects eggs.
It's all very good and wonderful.I have no cause to complain. I am just a VERY independant person .I cannot drive at all now. I am limited where I can walk.It pisses me off! My 3 yr old filly needs handling and training.Now nothing is going on with her except she gets fed daily.Not good!
Also, there is that gap at work since I am not there.Too busy an E.R.for insufficient staffing.
One thing is for certain~~ You never know what a day will bring! ( Is that an oxymoron?)

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