Sunday, June 21, 2009

Too Much Rain

Don't get me wrong~ I like rain.A big garden needs rain. Farmers need rain.Every time I turn on the water faucet or the shower I am thankful for rain.After all~ I could have been born in Saudi Arabia where rain is an awesome experience ,if it occurs at all! But we've had a tad too much lately. By now, I'm usually 400 bales deep in hay. Not this year~ too wet to harvest.Hay needs dry hot weather to cut & cure.Thus goes the saying," Make hay while the sun shines." Damp hay , if baled and stored will ferment, heat up & explode into flames. Why do barns burn down in the late spring & early summer? That's why.My hats off to hay farmers~ one year too much drought.The next year, too much rain. My brother lives in Ol' Virginny and has not been able to cut his hay as yet.Its' growth is tall now, shorted out his electric fencing ( much to the ecstatic joy of his free range cattle & pigs) and has been receiving phone calls from distant neighboring farms ( 5 miles away) that 'RED', his 700 lb boer pig has been visiting 'the ladies' and repopulating that section of the state.
I never understood the full impact of the term "MUD ROOM" until I moved to the farm.Now I know.The floors need sweeping or vacuuming everyday and washing 3 times a week.At least.I understand the Chinese rule of "No Shoe In House!" and left at the doorway.So, my porch entrance is cluttered with mucking boots & shoes & you trip over sneakers in the mud room.But the dogs are the final culprit of the spread of the outdoors into the main house.Oh well.

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