Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Bowl of Lambs

I decided to sell my sheep & lambs this year in order to cut back on expenses.Now I'm having second thoughts.I definately would miss lambing season, the harbinger of spring.They arrive the same time robins and Canadian geese return.The past few days have been delightfully mild and I was able to get a few loads of manure out of the barn yesterday with the help of my son.Fertilzer for my mammouth garden.Sweetpea (mama ewe)and the other adult sheep are due for shearing, as you can see.Today I called the sheep shearer .She'll be a beauty queen once again but right now she looks down right nasty,as all sheep do this time of year.This morning I noticed a shadow of green across the muddy chicken yard.It's a promise that spring is at the very gates.~~~~~ however,once you've lived through as many spring March & Aprils as I have you know better than to put the snow shovel away. (:>