Friday, October 22, 2010

Egg Fight II

One of the good things about using old abandoned eggs from 'way up yonder in the hay bale nests' is that they don't break very easily. NAY!! They BOUNCE when they hit the ground and you can run and scuffle and scap them up for a second, even THIRD round of egg wars!
But there is no wisdom in encouraging these games.With one reckless 'whopp!', Joel got smacked in the kisser. He dropped to the ground howling in a tearful rage ,swearing to pelt mighty vengeange upon Kyle's Bulls-eye! Well,I tried to comfort the varmint and cleared his nostrils of shattered egg shells.I handed him an egg,still intact and surviving many assaults and demanded that Kyle "Stand still & let yer brother blast ya'!!" And of course, smack to the back-O-the neck, yoke drippin' down!~~ All is well a'top my mountain and little boys fell asleep happy Friday night! (:>

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