Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wonderful Scrumptious Red Beet Recipe!!

Since the 1970's,I have been canning red beets. Pickled beets & Harvard beets.~~~Ho HUM!! My kids & husband were poor enthusiasts and I ended up eating them myself--- 2 year old pints.Sitting about and wasting with dust on the lids. THIS WEEK ~THAT HAS ENDED !!! I have found the WONDERFUL SCRUMPTIOUS RED BEET RECIPE!!! Written for canning lovers.It goes like this:

5 QTS chopped or cubed red beets (I use a french fry chopper, then cut them in half to make cubes).
1 large spanish onion chopped up
6 Tbs cornstarch
3 tsp salt
2 1/2 c white vinegar
1 1/2 c water
18 whole cloves
12 tablespoons butter (secret ingredient)

This will make approx, 9 pints.Or was it 12? (Hmmm).Place 2 whole cloves into each jar batch.Bring the batch to a slow simmering boil then spoon the HOT batch into pint jars. Can at 10 lbs pressure for 30min for pints (or 35 min.for QTS).
When the jars cool,you will see the butter lying on top of your beets,solidified.Pay it no mind and be sure to stir it into your saucepan with the beets when you heat it up to serve with your very best dinners! Tell your cardiologist to scoot back to his golfcourse.You will enjoy your red beets while he enjoys his Porche!

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