Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Peep Is Born

Finally the peepers peck themselves free of their shells.Some are lazy peckers and never make it onto this side of the shell. I have learned to minimize intervening and helping them.If they don't peck themselves free,you cannot release them.They die a day or two later anyway.I have never learned why.The most I do is stimulate them awake and maybe moisten exposed inner shell membranes with a few dabs of warm water to keep it from drying out.The surrounding area looks kind of yucky, but the immediate surroundings were pretty yucky when YOU were born too. The difference is, these little guys will clean themselves up nice from wet yolk matted feathers to clean fluffy puffs in a few hours.They will learn on their own how to eat & drink and hunt by pecking about their surroundings foraging through the hay bed.

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