Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seed Catalogue Time !

    Once again the seed catalogs are arriving in my mailbox. I would  love to have a little greenhouse next to my springhouse to get an early start on veggies & flowers. Hey !!.....a greenhouse next to my springhouse makes a great song or book title !  The lengthy dark hours of winter really get to me. Before I know it, the day is over and outdoor work has to come to a halt. I miss my garden and the warm sunshine on the back of my head and shoulders and the cool moist earth between my toes in freshly plowed soil. So, I'll start redesigning the garden  to section off potatoes, cabbage,string beans, tomatoes, corn,etc. The field we use is dotted with dark mounds of horse & sheep manure which will be spread and plowed into the soil in March or April. I still have to prune the apple trees , rose bushes, raspberry bushes and grapevines. 
    So much to do! Sections of fences need repair.Sheep need to be wormed and feet trimmed.My horse farrier came today to trim the horses' feet and Dolly (my white Q.H.) is losing weight.Beet pulp is now added to their grain and I've added 2 extra bales of hay at night. In the fall I froze 2 bushels of cut up apples in plastic zip lock bags to heat up for them on cold nasty days.I have a 50lb bag of giant carrots on my porch to keep them in fruit & veggies over the winter.The sheep & pheasants have huge cabbage heads to munch on a few times a week.
    God has been good to us all !

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