Monday, March 26, 2012

My beautiful baby lambs! How can I stop kissing them? I love, LOVE lamb meat~~  but not from my farm. I cannot butcher my sheep family.Tonight I stopped in the driveway to check on my sheep & baby lambs. All greeted me at the doorway and nuzzled up to my face for a kiss g'night. Take a close look at the mouths of these babes. That's what's referred to as a "Sheepish grin". All sheep have a half smile on their faces at all times.
  My first babes this year were born on March 10th. to my first ewe,Sweetpea.Katie & Johnniecake.  Yesterday, on my 40th wedding anniversary was 1  little boy born to the second ewe,Bella.. I haven't named him yet.She did a fine job this year and is turning out to be a fine mama. Last year she had a 'premie' and didn't quite seem to know what to do. She wasn't quite a year old and her little babe died.Well, this year she is proving herself to be a fine mama! Tails are banded on on first 2. Tomorrow I band the testes on the first & the tail on the new babe.
   I can't believe how quickly these lambs grow! Cheviots are SO hearty & strong!! Mothers are very dedicated and their wool is carpet wool strength. I never had an illness. I am so glad these were my choice to start with. Very cold weather hearty.

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