Tuesday, March 27, 2012

  You will not see a picture here, but instead~ the pre-dawn cry of a newborn baby lamb for his mother. In the dark wee hours, just prior to the dawn light,little Billy Boy was forced out of his mother's womb,from sleep, into a chilly stall.He lay on the hay bed, head bobbing for control and rested back to sleep.His mama was curious about him and licked his little face clean of birth secretions.It helped him to breathe more freely. She licked his face, then his neck ,then the rest of his white wooley torso.He was tossed about and began to gain control of his legs. Then he was standing, an ataxic stance, but standing! He sniffed at the air and found his mothers udder.Colostrum spilled forth , giving him the immunity he would need for immediate survival.Soon, the wonderful tasting sheep's milk filled his little mouth. His tail wagged at a racing speed, back & forth. His mother was pleased and checked his butt and cleaned him.She found her hay dinner pile. She was hungry now and  nibbled and chewed at the good smelling hay .Then she gave that half smile that sheep always do.

.Little Billy Boy was born on my 40th Wedding Anniversary, on March 25th, 2012. Therefore I shall keep him as a remembrance.
   My sheep always have their lambs just before dawn.Therefore, it's like Christmas or Easter~~ you wake up and there is your surprise!!

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