Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's amazing how much produce you can raise in your yard. My garden is smaller than an acre....185 x 185 feet.

The string beans and wax beans ( lacking birth control instructions) overproduced  in a multitudinous psycho drama. I could barely keep up. Actualy....I did not keep up and the rows are now over run by weeds taller than me and the beans have met my quota for next years seed production....and yours....and yours....and yours....

I miss seeing my pretty rows of veggies sans weeds

But, once I lost my helper, Brandon my grandson, to school responsibilities, the garden has taken a hit. 

Well....we will not think of that now!  no~ we shall think of the  pretty corn  for the coming year

Sweet, sweet corn and ~~~
The yummy corn leaves for the horses to munch on

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