Saturday, October 26, 2013

The cider press and crusher ended up in the kitchen because the bees became to much of a nuisance.This year I learned to make cider . I actually knew beforehand but never had enough apples of my own to do this.This year was a bumper crop of apples and I took full advantage of it. Tonight I pressed out the last bushel I picked last week.I am bartering with my neighbor for more apples from their tree so that I can freeze up apple pie filling and one more batch of applesauce. I shall give her meat chicken roasters for her freezer.   
     My neighbor, across the street,buried one of my sheep last spring with his back hoe. I did not forget his kindness to me (digging a hole that deep was TOOOOOO much for me to think about!) So.. I told him today that turkey butchering is next Tuesday and he has one turkey coming to him for a sheep funeral (:>
   This week I learned a few more cool things......How to make distilled water. WOW!!!   You can make it yourself with little effort.    Then I learned how to make soda.... carbonated beverages. I LOVE seltzer. This is my next project. I shall buy a CO2 cylinder and make my own.    I'll let you know how it works out (:>


  1. It is 12:05 Am My kitchen floor is sticky with apple juice, dirty and has clumps of stray apple chunks on it. I will have to wash this floor before I go to bed. My water bath canner is merrily boiling away the half gallon cider jars. I feel like dog meat. Is there anyone else out there who cans or freezes who feels like a tractor ran over them today? I'm so glad I'm on the tail end of the harvest. Chickens were butchered last week ( except for 3 escapees~~~ they wil will done with the turkeys on Tuesday).Aftyer this, plow up the potatoes, gather in the rest of the brussel sprouts for the animals and the broccoli that's gone to seed. Then till up the garden for the winter and let'er rest (:>

  2. 12:34 AM Floor is washed ,lights are out.....I'm done!