Friday, January 24, 2014

Challah beard~ WONDERFUL Challah bread!!!

The most WONDERFUL bread in the world is challah bread !!  Because  I don't live in a Jewish area of the state of Pa., I had to learn to make my own challah bread. That's OK , because on line are the recipes of the best ! Vanity dictates letting others know. HAH HAH !!  Their secrets fell into my lap (:> So~~~~~~  I softened the yeast~~~~   then I aded the other ingredients~~~~~   then I kneaded away~~   and thought of you  !!!!~~~~~   hahahaahhahhahaha    yummy    yummy    yummyyyyyy!!!

And here she comes !!!Maybe I'll bring some to work~~~~~      and maybe I won't.       HAHA!!!!    (:>

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