Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kitties and Christmas trees~ what a headache ! But always entertaining.The glitter on the ornaments is irresistible and they just HAVE to give one a swat or two. 

What a great scratching post!!

The next thing I knew a soccer game was in progress with 3 cats swatting the bell  to each other.This one was plastic.I pretended I didn't notice while I wrapped presents~ until SMASH!! One of the glass balls bit the dust. Of course they all went running.Fortunately , this room can be closed off by french doors. As soon as you open the doors a stampede of kitties race through the door from nowhere (:<  I think I'll poke two holes in the bottom of a few stockings and slip  the kitties into the stockings to 'hang out' for awhile to keep them out of trouble.
 It seems that, every year,  tradition holds that an old favorite ornament will break . But a new gift, from a child or grandchild,will be added to be treasured year after year.

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