Tuesday, December 3, 2013

After Thanksgiving ,schools and some work places remain closed for Deer Days~the first 2 days of deer season. After spending hours in the deer stand , there's nothing like coming in from the cold to a big pot of turkey soup that's been cooking down all day.

I can up my soups during the late fall and winter after all of the harvest canning and freezing is over.I add noodles later, when I heat the soup up to eat because noodles mush in the pressure canning process.

These little guys hatched out on Thanksgiving Day. They will be laying eggs by June or July.

She doesn't like getting her picture taken.

They are terrified and so huddle in the corner .They saw a VERY BIG HAND coming thru the roof ! Run Away !!   Run AWAYYYY !!!
I love listening to their contented  purrs and  peepings from  the basement thru the kitchen door .I will have another batch incubated for Christmas,hopefully.

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