Monday, December 2, 2013

The family is growing and for some reason the picture of the other side of the table did not show up in the camera!  Phooey!We need 2 tables now and as we continue to add loved ones to our feasts, I thought about how much fun it would be to set up the trains and run the line thru the middle of the table with flatbed cars carrying salt & pepper, butter, sugar ,etc.  " Joel!  Please pass the brussel sprout hopper to Uncle Jimmy! "  OK NANA !  The whistle blows and the brussle sprout car arrives right on time.

Little Sean in the collander. Twenty years from now he'll be too big to fit in a Volkswagon !

How is it that kids, only 1 year old, know how to order 'Pay per View' and cost me money???

My little Andrea napping after she ate the teradectyl leg.I can't believe she ate the whole thing.

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