Sunday, December 15, 2013

I usually support fund raisers for kids because 4-H groups,soccer teams, school bands and Christian schools are expensive to run .They are also  important activities for children . A half bushel of grapefruit is a bit much for my husband and I but I love it for breakfast. Instead of letting it shrivel up  in some corner of the house I decided to can it up. Cut through the skin in quarters then peel it and remove the white layer. It strips off pretty easily.

Then I cut through the grapefruit in 4 pieces and quarter each of those sections.

I make a light sugar syrup, according to the Ball Bluebook ( or any of the canning books) and water bath the pint jars. I did half today and will do the other half of the box tomorrow. This is the first year I canned grapefruit. I hope I like it.

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