Monday, December 2, 2013

In November, my husband bought me a soda maker.It makes seltzer from tap water via using a small CO2 canister .You certainly DO save $$$$$ and the seltzer(soda water) comes out perfect. You can buy these units in your local grocery stores and can exchange the CO2 canisters for fresh ones at multiple local chain stores.I love seltzer, especially iced cold.I experiment with homemade flavours and am very impressed. We cut up a lemon in pieces and put it in a half gallon jar of plain water to steep for 24 hrs in the refrigerator.The colder the better when using these units for the best outcome. Lemon makes it taste great!

Instead of dumping the fruit juice down the drain from canned fruit, use it as the syrup for soda. When was the last time you had PLUM Soda?? Hmmmmm? It was excellant !!  YUM !


  1. Wow! I know what my wife's getting for Christmas!

    1. YAY!! Works great with oranges and limes. I make chocolate sodas out of it too. Chocolate syrup and milk. YUM!