Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pottery Crocks

I do love making sauerkraut and it must be made in the cooler months of fall & winter to turn out right, according to the old timers up here. I think it has to do with the cabbage. There is Early cabbage and the later cabbages that mature in the fall.Tonight I am breaking down the last of my sauerkraut crocks. This is a 12 gallon crock that I bought  in early February from my favorite little store down the road from me.He attends Farmer's Markets and auctions and keeps his little farm store/deli stocked with all kinds of useful items. Anyone need a horse drawn plow?? He has 2 that are refurbished. So, on a day in February, I walked into the store and low and behold, there's this 12 gallon crock sitting in the corner under the produce shelves."What a purdy thang !! " I thought. I must have it.I checked for a 'DING' when I flicked it with my thumb and index finger and it sang !   "How much is that crock back there?", I asked.   "I dunno. Is there a price on it? I think there is", the store owner said. We both searched but saw nothing.So he said"Would you give me $68.00 ?" and "Yes", I said I would. I carried my groceries to the car and the owner carried the heavy 12 gallon crock.

As we approached the car door  we both saw the $75.00 price written on a piece of masking tape that blended into the coloringof the crock. That's why we missed seeing it.I had already paid for it and had no more money$$$$. But.....righteousness is the higher level of living if you are a follower of Christ. You must pursue that and not the loop holes of the Pharisees and Lawyers that Christ rebuked. And so, the next day I found $7.00 and went back to the store and paid the difference.
Tonight I broke down the last of the sauerkraut for the year.I attempted last week but it had little flavor. I waited a week and tonight it has that BITE that makes me love it so!!  

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