Saturday, March 15, 2014

Making Jewish Rye Bread: the GOOD STUFF!

I have been searching for the great Jewish Rye bread recipe like you find in the deli section of the grocery store.It has a flavor I have never been able to duplicate..... until NOW. HAH!!   I found it. For years I've followed recipes and it never had that great taste.So, I shall share it with YOU~~~~below I will post the website but first my findings on this. It suggests malt barley extract....USE THAT one. I had a can of malt barley extract which looks like molasses. The other choices were malt ( as in a can of Carnation Malt) or honey. Been there, done that. Not the answer.You can buy malt barley extract online and it will last you a VERY LONG TIME because all you need is 1/2 TB per loaf. If you want to know WHERE to buy it locally, ask me and I will tell you.As you read the recipe, skim down to comment 163 where 'BILLIE' tells you to brush it with a cornstarch solution. This is for the glaze. Don't use egg wash. Use this.

Here is a white bread recipe.Here is also what happens when you don't pay attention. The bread came out yummy but lop sided because I let it rise too much on the last rising in the baking dish.

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