Thursday, May 1, 2014

What to do with the whey after making cheese

I decided to learn to make cheese~ even if it isn't cost effective. Well, maybe it is. Every year I try to learn to make something new. I've never made cheese before so ....why not now?  Last week my cheese failed. So this week I bought raw milk from the Amish, added citric acid powder to the recipe and .."Whallah" !! Excellent mozzarella !! 1 lb of cheese. It was fun and excellent fun watching curd formation, solids and the final elasticity as I stretched it in taffy like motions.Doggone HOT though to work with. Fortunately I had rubber gloves from a rotisserie kit.

End result, right here. I salted the whey for to cook the mozzarella, so then I had ALL THIS left over !! Mozzarrella on the left....whey on the right. Salted whey.What to do with all this whey ???   One heck of a lot of waste and expensive to toss to the curb.

Here we go~   make bread.Just leave the salt out of the recipe. 

Lots of it.~~"Tis a terrible curse I'm under", says my Irish. ( Is THIS what I should be doing on my vacation week?......YEPPER !)  

Loaves, sandwich rolls, hot dog rolls, Italian bread.And I STILL have more to boot. Well, tomorrow I'll use the remaining whey for rye bread and whole wheat, if there's enough.If you're a homesteader, you KNOW that all is not learned in any one year. I have made bread sine the 1970's but never consistently and I never perfected my recipes. This year, cheese and bread making will be my new attention. The ONE THING I wish I could perfect is BAYONNE ROLLS !!!!   Bought at Reith's Bakery on Ave B.  (SIGH!!!!~~~  OH, to have their recipe !)  I wonder if it was the water???  Newark Bay??? Kill Van Kull ")

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