Friday, September 18, 2009

Farmville & virtual games

Facebook has a few Farm games that are pretty addicting and fun! Farmville, Farmtown and Lil Farm Life(for kids).I'm having a lot of fun with this because I don't have to put up with the REAL issues of farmlife.For instance, there are no gopher holes hidden in the grass to twist your ankle on.Sneakers stay clean and there is no such thing as horse or pig manure,sheep or goat 'raisons' and there is no chicken or turkey poop dropping on your head while you gather eggs.'No-seeums' are strangeley absent from your eyes, nose & mouth as you gather veggies from the garden.There are no weeds in Farmville or Farmtown.HUH!~ What am I doing wrong?There is no sweating or struggling or getting out of breath as you plow.Simply,'CLICK,CLICK,CLICK' and your field is plowed.Another 'Click,click,click' and your field is seeded and you start winning Blue & Yellow Ribbons effortlessly.There are no COBWEBS turning your barn into a horror den! In real life it's difficult to keep up with the manure pileup. Cobwebs have to be swept from the rafters , stall rungs and every nook & cranny every 2 weeks.Manure is strangely omitted from these games.So is fertilizer.As soon as you harvest you abruptly reseed.Who cares about replenishing the earth? Sheep don't shove you, pigs don't bump then bite your leg, sheep require NO sheering ( I like that!) and goats don't need their feet trimmed.Tractors don't flip over while you plow . There is no such thing as drought, blight or too much rain.
I LIKE this game! Was it like this for Adam & Eve before they messed up?

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