Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How does stuff like this happen??!!!

No matter where I go,Buddy,my border collie,will be there.If I'm sitting at my computer ,Buddy is under the desk at my feet.If I'm stocking the canning shelves in the cellar, Buddy is hiding in the shelves watching me (as in this picture).I think I have even recognized him disguised as a waiter at functions where dogs are not allowed.
Last night I was watching a movie and Buddy was on the floor asleep at my feet.I stood up to go to the kitchen.The dog was in the way,so I attempted to step over him.What happened next rivaled a Laurel & Hardy movie.Buddy leapt up, catching my big toe in the ring of his dog collar.He took off,my foot twisted with my toe still caught in the ring.Buddy panicked and started to run with me 'in toe'.He took me water skiing on my back across the wood floor.I had a heck of a time releasing my big toe from his collar .Once done he ran for the closet and hid. He tried his best to make himself invisible.He heard me howling with big toe pain and thought he was 'done fer'.It took awhile before I could get up off the floor.My left knee was skinned up,toe swelling quickly and my right knee still sensitive from the surgery in August.But I want you to know that Buddy is feeling much better today (:>

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  1. Hope you are feeling better! Crazy how stuff like that can happen.

    I severely broke my ankle just stepping out of our truck!?!?!?!? I don't even have a neat exciting story for this plate and screws I now own! ;)