Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Rainbow

I was on my way to church Sunday evening when I saw a rainbow! My son-in-law was in the van behind me and I pointed frantically to 'Look over there!'. He didn't see it.Instead he saw a real estate sign that he thought I meant.(He's on a different wave length).Anyway, I was very excited.It had been raining a good part of the week (still is)and I thanked God for His reminder that He will never again send a worldwide flood .Then,I suddenly realized that this was just half a rainbow.Hmmmm! Is God having second thoughts? Will He just send a flood half way up the mountains? I'm glad I live up on top of one!
Have you ever thought about Noah,what a great man of faith he was? He sent out a raven and doves to check things out. Not me~ If I was Noah's wife, I'd be tugging on his sleeve,"Send the woodpeckers ,Noah! The woodpeckers!" I'm sure he must have kept them tied up. Being at sea so long they surely would have pecked their way out of those cages multiple times.
No, God keeps His covenants.He will never again send a flood to cover the earth to destroy all flesh.(Gen9).It's an everlasting covenant.Nope, the next time He will destroy it with fire.(2 Peter 3:10-13) That is why we country people keep lots of jugs of water hidden under our sink. (:>

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