Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It is nearly November and of course you know what that means for the turkey crowd.Here is a video of one of my Narangassett hens who refuses to be cooped.She is no dope.Instead she remains aloof  and sleeps roosting atop the roof of the chicken/turkey house.I don't butcher my Narangasset turkeys anyway.They are my pets (:> This little gal is actually a cross between her Narangasset mama and Bourbon Red gobbler daddy which has given her darker brown coloring and can easily be mistaken for a wild turkey.Since it's the beginning of fall turkey season this coming week, I shall have to catch her with a crab net and lock her up in turkey jail until the guns are put away.
Right now she's lonely and is calling upon her friends to c'mon out and play.I shall now take my life in my hands and open the door.................

You have no idea how dangerous this is to my health.Sixteen  to twenty pound birds flying off their roosting posts straight outta the door,over my head.A cacophony  of crazed  turkeys and chickens push and shove and crowd around my legs all trying to gain the upper hand to get first dibs at the grain pail I try to drag the pail upward away from their reach.Five  turkey heads , all flushed red with competitive anxiety ,are frantically pecking and burrowing  into the grain. My coffee can scooper dumps the first pile onto the ground. (SIGH) I can finally get away long enough to leave a trail of multiple scoops several feet apart from each other so that ALL may eat, not just the big bullies with the BIG appetites.Thirty pounds a day over the past three weeks .I have  thoroughly searched every nook and cranny of freezers and refridge  for  freezer burned  goodies.I throw open the grocery cupboard doors and toss boxes and bags of old cereal ,nuts and whatever over my shoulders into bins to carry out to them.It is never enough They are Halloween turkeys waiting to devour.
They peck at my rings, my anniversary ring (:<   I hate that.  If you buy a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey from me , please keep a look out for some shiny stones in your stuffing .

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