Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love my Nubian goats. Always shy and peaking around a corner. Unobtrusive. Never the nasty ram of my sheep herd can be.Goats are delightful companions of horses, always getting along....for some reason unexplained. Sheep, on the other hand will be kicked and untolerated.. A goat can shove his head inside the grain pail and not be challenged...or not be killed.. How does that happen??? I don't know.My Nubians can fight their way into the grain pail competing with a horse's head and be tolerated. How does that happen??  I don't know,
I don't understand their reasoning. Three years ago I brought these 2 Nubian wethers home from a goat rescue. I had no info on them. I think, now, they were probably 2 old fellows,Burt died in July. I think Ernie will pass away in the next few days. I shall miss them both. Two lovely friends . 

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  1. Ernie ,did die,today Oct 29th.He was in a stall with a mama chicken and her peeps to keep him company, warm hay ,grain & plenty of water while it snowed, but his appetite was nil, as with all life that is departing. I will miss you Ernie, my sweet boy (:>