Saturday, October 1, 2011

Digging For Gold

I  figured , with all this rain, that I should check on the status of my potato harvest .Usually I wait until the first frost in November to dig them up , put them in boxes and store them in the cellar.This year has been par-tic-uuuu-larly WET and I was concerned my potatoes might get soggy and rot. I dug up part of a row and was delighted to find the spuds in excellent health and some the size of my shoe.Each plant brought forth a potato family similar to our own.The big daddy potato, the mama size and the big kid,adolescent the little kid and the baby not yet weaned from the stem (:>

I tossed these in a box,with their dirt protective  layer and brought them inside.They will dry and the dirt will protect them from deteriorating for many months to come, as long as they are in the cool cellar.We don't have a root cellar but I have a wood stove upstairs that keeps the house toasty warm but the cellar remains cold but not freezing all winter.Perfect ! (:>

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