Saturday, September 21, 2013

Julia and George Indyke's wedding and family pictures

These pictures are of my husband's Grandparents wedding around 100 years ago. They came from Poland and I have both of their steamer trunks that they traveled with.
 They were married in Newark,NJ I assume. I have no idea who the wedding party identities are.

Grandma,Julia Indyke  came to this country when she was 16. She caught Typhus in the hold of the ship en route and nearly died. She was taken to a NYC hospital after her arrival at Ellis Island ,where she recovered. She always feared travel sickness afterward and never returned to Poland to visit her family despite reassurances from others that jet travel is safe.

 This is the family picture.My mother in law, Elizabeth,is sitting on Grandpa George Indyke's lap.One more baby, Eddie, would be born after this picture was taken.Helen is the only child in the picture who is still alive.She is the girl on the far right. She is 95 yrs old.

I don't know who the family members on the right are in the picture below.

I tried to get a better angle to avoid the flash glare from obscuring the picture.

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