Friday, September 6, 2013


Yepper~~  It's BIG POT KITCHEN DAY!!  One pot's full of tomato peels, one pot is for canning and one pot is for cooking down the tomatoes into sauce or salsa.

All year long I trim my basil plant that I keep in the downstairs bathroom. I freeze the leaves in tinfoil.It does not change the original flavour and tastes SO MUCH BETTER than dried basil leaves.My blue pants are sprayed with cornstarch, my right ankle is killing me from being on my feet, nonstop for i don't know HOW MANY days !!
 Goofy Gus poses for a picture. No matter where I relocated the camera, he jumped in front and posed. Silly Boy!  (:>
I have so much produce, right now, I don't know what to do with it all. I offer it to others and some jump right in, but many others just look at me blank.I am very sad tonight. My little 14 yr old doggie, Ramsey, has been missing for 5 days. There has been no trace of her and she is deaf as a doornail. 
poor liitle gal~ no....the county SPCA's have no word on her. Tonight I heard the coyotes howling in the back woods. I truly hope that wasn't her last encounter.My hope is that I shall find her...asleep in the woods...with Jesus. Dear little Ramsey.

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