Friday, September 20, 2013

We have a new border in our cellar....we call him Froggie. Very original, that name. This little frog shows up and sleeps here in the crack in the window every night for the past month or so.He disappears by day, hunts for bugs, then returns at night. He pays us no mind. We can tickle his belly, take a flash picture, yet he stays put. We had to screw a wire mesh screen across the window. My border collie smashed thru the window when he saw chickens on the other side.

 What a nice surprise!! I received a braid of nice large onions from Danny and  Jamie's garden. My onions never do well.I don't quite know why.

How often do you see kittens curled up cuddling with their daddy cat while they sleep? Notice, of course, who is BEHIND the chair~~~  Buddy, the naughty border collie. He's just waiting for the chance to continue herding kittens.As you can see, the kitty's fur is all gummed up from Buddy searching for ticks in her fur.

Everything, just EVERYTHING comes in all at once in September !! I'm trying to keep up with tomatoes, but now apples are sweet and must be picked ~ lest  a bee's wing strikes it and the thrashing causes the ripened apple to fall to the ground,dashing it to pieces. This tree is in my horse pasture. Not a single apple remains on the ground beyond a 3 minute 'THUD'. 

Therefore, I am in a COMPETITION!!!!   I must get EVERY APPLE~~~ I must.....  I MUST !!!!  Time is of the essence!!   The horses are in the outer  barn eating hay....the sheep and goats are in the inner barn eating hay and cauliflower leaves. I am ALONE !!   No one sees me.......... rarely does a year go by without an apple falling from the highest perch and striking me right SMACK in the eye. 

Jamie notified me of a wonderful tip~~   those nasty spots that make apples so disagreeable to look upon will  actually wash away with a little rubbing and running water. I was delighted!   Ah yes~~  I also had to pick the little pear tree today too. I wrestled with multiple species of the bee kingdom also but I remain intact and un~stung.

I couldn't walk past the cauliflower without it whispering~~"Pick ME !!   Pick ME TOO !! "   (SIGH!!)   Cauliflower is very shy, as you can see, and hides behind her leaves. They cuddle her whiteness and say...."No ! Don't look in there !" As I'm peeling back the heavy dark green leaves for an unexpected surprise!

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