Monday, September 23, 2013

The Green House

This is my new toy, my green house.We bought it online, had it delivered and erected it...all 148 lbs of a trazillion plastic parts.My husband deserves the Purple Heart .

Since a nice gusty September wind could send this 8' x 8 ' plastic building tumbling downhill into the pond, my darlin' husband built a pressureized treated floor and bolted it down

. Then he tossed a couple of sections of rope over the roof and secured it to the ground. Good thinkin!
The inside smells sooo good of new wood, oregano and  basil plants and my scented candle. Of course I had to move right in, nesty gal that I am. The scented candle got hung from the rafter.The basil, that I bought in the produce section of the supermarket 1 year ago,took a top shelf position.

I placed a comfy patio chair in the corner . Notice my orange sink.....NOOOO!!  It's no longer laundry detergent. I use these containers for water as flowing sink water when the power goes out.I keep 5 on hand.

My oregano , cat nip ~~   and the wheel cheese  crates below are holding strawberry plants.

I bought 50 plants half price but cannot yet plant them in the garden until we till it down after the remaining crops are done. In the meantime I will hothouse the strawberry plants.

I moved the cider press into the corner of the greenhouse. I have at least 3 apple trees to pick and then press very soon.I  also hope to salvage this tomato plant , next to the press, so that I can have fresh tomatoes  during the later fall & early  winter.I pruned a good deal back and several branches had sucker roots which I buried.I do hope it takes.

SOMEWHERE ~~~  I don't know where....the time came to muster up enough energy to can pears.

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