Saturday, August 31, 2013

With new life is also constant threat of death on farms. Here is a beautiful owl who feasted upon 22 of my brothers baby chicks when he found a small enough space to squeeze through.My brother & his wife have a beautiful farm in Virginia that dates back before the Civil War. Paulie the Mercifal allowed this handsome owl to squeeze out the same way he squoze in.Everything's gotta eat. We understand these thungs.


  1. We raise our livestock for food, this bird just beat us to the supper call.
    Love you Kathy,,,

  2. Owls are quite amazing to watch. I almost was attacked once while turkey hunting down Sandy's place .He flew an arc around me after he heard my turkey calls, sat on a branch and watched me with that SAME STARE !! YIKES !! I knew that any false move and he'd decapitate me !!