Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If you have a farm you must think every move you make over 3 times. You may end up with a cervical spine fracture SIMPLY because you opened the trap door to feed the horses below their hay.

Every animal has it out for you.On a daily basis, my cat Rosebud,greets me in the upstairs barn and purrs and rubs herself against me as I toss hay to the horses below.Many times she came upon me unawares ....from behind. Who???? ~~ In the E.R. would have believed me if I said "My cat pushed me down the trap door" ....????Of course, husband treachery would have been the prime suspect.My cats are probably the only animals that have not YET caused  problematic injury to me.The others HAVE.~~~~ Sheep. Goats. Border Collies. Horses.

You who buy fresh eggs from me~~  you have no idea what I go through to fetch this free range egg.

I may have to climb and tread a beam to find the nest in the hole of the of the haystack .

I am so dedicated to this work (: <

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